Comfort Cotton

Scholl Comfort Cotton socks improve comfort from the very start. The lightweight design and soft, completely natural cotton ensure comfort and protection. The socks feel just like a second skin. The soft cuffs and extremely fine toe seams ensure extra comfort.

The name says it all, comfort is the top priority. Socks in the Soft series hydrate your feet while you wear them, thanks to our Sk!nFr!end technology, while socks in the Warm series also ensure you don’t end up with cold feet, thanks to the Temperature Regulation technology. But we’ve thought about comfort at home too, with the socks in our Home series, which are extra-comfortable with an ABS anti-slip profile on the bottom, so that you can enjoy wandering around the house.


Therefore, Scholl Comfort Cotton socks are the perfect solution for sensitive feet! Available in various silhouettes and colours.