Scholl Socks. We Know Feet.

We use our many years of experience and knowledge to provide people with the practical tools they need to help them take better care of their feet. We use the same knowledge to make socks that ensure feet look and feel their best.

We Know Feet

Our passion has stood the test of time but our perspective is always fresh. We are always working to improve. Because our energy and enthusiasm for feet and socks never wane!

Scholl Socks

All Scholl socks do something special for your feet; the quality of our range really is outstanding. The cuffs on our socks are non-binding while the toe seams are extremely fine, so you don’t have to worry about pressure points.

Our heritage

After taking his first steps at a shoe shop in Chicago, Dr William Scholl had a clear goal: to help people see their feet differently.

Today we still strive for the passion and philosophy first demonstrated by our founder: we aim to improve health, comfort and wellbeing by helping people care for their feet.

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